Enjoy our free children’s yoga classes in your own home

These free children’s yoga classes are gifted to you with love as we’d like our yoga to be accessible to everyone. They are suitable for toddlers to teens and perfect for the adults too. We hope you enjoy practising with us. If you do, please “hit the like and subscribe buttons” on our YogaBeez YouTube channel.

Find out more about sharing yoga with your children on our blog page. Or watch this short video on the numerous benefits that yoga and mindfulness can offer your children, tweens and teenagers.

Discover your Awesome Anatomy with Rowan and Mr Arthur Bones

In this class we meet Mr Arthur bones and explore our own bones and body with some simple yoga warm ups. We continue the warm up with a round of Sun Salutations and then move to a few standing and sitting poses with a mindful relaxation at the end.

Exploring sea creatures with the whole family

In this practice we explore some standing warm ups, breath poses, sun salutations and yoga poses relating to creatures found in the ocean. Lay out your mats and join us.



Playing with partner poses – have fun with your family or friends.

We start with settling in, warming up and The Rainbow Breath with affirmation. After a round of sun salutations we have fun exploring partner poses together. Hope you enjoy playing with these as much as we did.

Mingle mingle mingle.

Adventure to Africa to explore and have fun

In this class we venture off to the continent of Africa. A brief stop to see the pyramids and sphinx in Egypt and a boat pose down the Nile before we start our safari. Exploring various African wild animals and birds with our imaginations, bodies and breath. Finishing off with a relaxation under the stars. 

Supporting mental wellbeing with a focus on kindness

I am kind…I do not harm…I am loving…I am calm.

In this class we focus on kindness to ourselves, all other living beings and indeed our planet. Through a series of warm ups and poses we repeated these affirmations and intentions for ourselves and others. 

Travelling around the American continents and seeing new sights

Join us in this class as we continue our yoga travel to North, Central and South America. Some of Bryony’s favourite poses will be explored today as we journey from New York to San Francisco, New Orleans, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Andes Mountain range.