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Over the years so many wonderful teachers have joined the hive! 

With a common passion and desire to share yoga with children, students from around the globe have taken part in our Foundation training and many have gone on to do the full 95- hour programme. If you are looking for a teacher to bring yoga into your school or yoga studio, please click on one of the links below. If you too would like to join our hive, see our teacher training page for more details.

Bee the change


Bring yoga and mindfulness into your school. Change the lives of your toddlers, children, young people and teachers. By incorporating the core values and teachings of Yoga, Mindfulness and Montessori, our unique YogaBeez method educates, empowers and exercises the WHOLE child – stimulating physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

YogaBeez Advanced Teachers


These fully certified teachers have completed the full 95-hour YogaBeez Teacher Training, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance International. They are qualified to teach nursery, primary and secondary school-aged children.

YogaBeez Foundation Teachers


These teachers have completed the 4-day Foundation course, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance International. They are qualified to teach nursery and primary school aged children.

These teachers have completed either the Foundation or full 95-hour programme. They are sharing yoga with their own children, in their classrooms or private sessions but are not currently available for teaching.

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"Be the change you want to see" Mahatma Gandhi