Children’s Yoga Classes


YogaBeez children’s yoga classes cover a full curriculum that stimulates your child’s development – physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Combining traditional yoga, mindfulness and pedagogy, our aim is to empower, educate and exercise each child according to their own unique learning styles and abilities.


All our current classes are being offered online. To see details of our weekly schedule click the Children’s Yoga Classes link below. All the latest classes have been uploaded to our YogaBeez Youtube channel and can be accessed and enjoyed free of charge whenever you would like to practice them together. Classes can be enjoyed independently by children or together with the whole family.


In today’s busy world where many children are feeling anxious, stressed and overstimulated we feel it is imperative to offer them exercises in relaxation, becoming aware of their breath and emotions and how they can cope with this.


We offer children and teens the opportunity to notice the busyness of their minds – often swallowed by past events or fearing the future…  here our mindful exercises can be a great resource.
Socially, we speak of connection and practice group actives and partner poses – there is no competition … each child unique and moving and interaction and learning according to their own individual needs.


Escaping from the virtual world of exercising we encourage a lot of movement in the class – backbends, forward bends, inversions, stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular routines … each part of the body internally and externally being moved and manipulated.
In all our classes we explore real anatomy and the benefits of all yoga poses – encouraging children’s body awareness. Our inter-curricular classes incorporate maths, language, biology, ecology, geography, arts and crafts and music.


Yoga also works beautifully with children who have learning difficulties or additional needs. Especially beneficial for ADD, ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia, allowing the child to explore movement in a non-competitive, relaxed and joyful way.
YogaBeez yoga mindfulness and Montessori classes for kids in London

Children’s Yoga Classes


All YogaBeez Children’s yoga classes during this time of Lockdown are currently taking place online. These are children’s classes available for the whole family. Pop on some comfortable clothes, grab your mats, find yourself a space you can move around in and enjoy yoga with your whole family or simply on your own.

YogaBeez Schedule for the week:

YogaBeez Live Streaming via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube


Tuesday at 11 – 11.30am – ages 4 – 11. Join us for free via one of these channels
Youtube: Bryony Duckitt – YogaBeez
Facebook: YogaBeez Children’s Yoga
Instagram: yogi_bee_zz
Teacher: Bryony Duckitt


Level Six Closed Zoom Class – Fee £5


Book Via Level Six Website:  Level Six Schedule
Tuesday 4 – 4.45pm – Age:  4 – 10yrs
Teachers: Bryony Duckitt and Kate Francis alternating each week


YogaBeez Live Streaming via Zoom


These classes are the closest we can get to being in a studio together right now. The classes are locked once all children on the waiting list have been submitted. For a link and password to these classes please email


Thursday 3 – 3.35pm – Ages:  5 – 11yr but suitable for the whole family
Suggested Donation of £5 but free if you need it to be. Payment details on request.
Teacher: Bryony Duckitt
YogaBeez teach yoga and mindfulness to young people in South Africa
Our lesson plans vary from week to week, we like to work with schools and their themes. We may venture into the Amazon rainforest and ignite imaginations with an adventure story lesson (always based in reality), other times we choose themes such as kindness or exploring the senses. Each week something new, stimulating and FUN!
YogaBeez children and young people yoga lesson plan for teachers - Travel Round the Word
YogaBeez Advanced Teen and Special Needs Yoga Teacher Training Course

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By incorporating the core values and teachings of Yoga, Mindfulness and Montessori, our unique YogaBeez method educates, empowers and exercises the WHOLE child – stimulating physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.