4-Day Foundation Children’s Yoga Teacher Training




This 4-day Foundation children’s yoga teacher training is suitable for yoga teachers, nursery and primary school teachers, parents, therapists – anyone working or living with children who practices yoga. The course will provide you with tools, techniques, ideas and confidence to share yoga and mindfulness and all its benefits with children aged 2 – 12 years.


Practice, teach and explore fun yogic ways to stimulate a child’s development whilst bringing awareness to body, breath and wellbeing. The YogaBeez Foundation children’s yoga teacher training incorporates all aspects of the traditional yoga practice blended with Montessori philosophy and works of Howard Gardner and Thich Nhat Hanh to educate, exercise and empower the WHOLE child.


We recommend a two years prior yoga practice, although every applicant will be considered

By undertaking this foundation level children’s yoga teacher training course, you will gain knowledge of the following areas:


Curriculum – Foundation Training 


  • * Brief history of Yoga and incorporating yoga philosophy into your classes.
  • * Practice and play with essential warm ups and child appropriate yoga poses
  • * Explore and recognise the power of proper breathing
  • * Introducing meditation to children
  • * Mindful or Mind-full
  • * Affirmations and mindset
  • * Relaxation and stress recognition/management
  • * Welcoming in all emotions
  • * Partner poses and group yoga games
  • * Explore yoga with music and books
  • * Benefits of Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness
  • * Brief history of Yoga
  • * Discover the stages of Child Development (ages 2-11)
  • * Understand, educate and exercise the “Whole” child – incorporate the classroom curriculum
  • * Discover the educators at the root of this program – i.e. Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner, Jon Kabat-Zinn etc
  • * Classroom management
  • * Ethics of being a good teacher
  • * Self care
  • * Observation, discussion, preparation and jointly teaching a lesson (ages 2 – 6yrs)
  • * Tips for starting up your career from children’s yoga teacher training to teaching


Training Dates


Foundation Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Dates:




Teddington, Greater London, UK   

Date:  18th – 21st August 2022

Time:  10am – 6pm daily

Venue:  Langdon Down Theatre, Teddington, TW11 9PS

Fee:  £650

EB Fee:  £600 until 24th June  2021



Nottingham, UK  

Date:  2nd – 5th June 2022

Time:  10am – 6pm daily

Venue:  Nottingham

Fee:  £600

For Bookings email Sophie Bee: kidsyogawithsophie@gmail.com





First Weekend:  8th to 9th October 2022

Second Weekend: 22nd to 23rd October 2022

Time:  9.30am – 12.30pm & 2.30pm – 5.30pm daily

Venue:  Your own home

Fee:  £600




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