Kids Yoga Foundation

KYF was founded by a group of children's yoga teachers and trainers from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

We are a group of mums, dad, teachers, friends and yogi's who have met along our journey of exploring yoga for children and we share a common vision... bring yoga to as many kids and teachers and parents as we can. From babies to teens we have witnessed the vast benefits that yoga can bring and we want to share our discoveries, tools and knowledge with others.

We all teach yoga in schools, nurseries/kindergartens, after-school clubs and in various studios in our cities. When we are not teaching we are practicing, learning, writing and training others to do the same. Through our own wonderful yoga teachers and practices we have discovered exciting ways to incorporate the ethics and philosophy of traditional yoga and blend it with today's curriculum requirements, to form a fun practice that educates, stimulates, relaxes and exercises the "WHOLE" child.

Together we have created a few unique Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings and are committed to providing thorough information and research in this field.

Our programs include; a 4-hour "Tools for Schools" training - for teacher's to bring yoga into schools - a 4 day Foundation Course teaching yoga to children from 2 - 12 years and a 95-hour comprehensive Children's Yoga Teacher Training - for children from 2 - 18 yrs in accordance to the Yoga Alliance teaching standards.

If you would like to learn more about us, and the trainings we offer, please explore our website www.kidsyogafoundation.webs.comand do not hesitate to contact any of us if you would like further information.