My journey to YogaBeez started in 1996 when I moved to the UK from South Africa. At the time, my passion and driving force was the longing to discover the world. To afford me the luxury of travel, I spent my days doing secretarial work at the Montessori St Nicholas Centre in London and my nights waiting tables. I got to travel to far off places and taste their wonders but my soul was still searching...

My nagging desire to work with children encouraged me to train as a Montessori teacher and at about the same time I started practicing yoga at the Sivananda Centre in Putney. About 5 years into my teaching I started incorporating little bits of my own yoga practice into the classroom and noticed what a profound affect it was having with the children... the Montessori philosophy and traditional yoga merging so naturally into each other.

I travelled to the USA and trained as a children's yoga teacher and trainer with Marsha Wennig and whilst setting up YogaBeez I completed a 250hr Hatha Yoga training under Rishi Dharmajyoti at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, India. My explorations over the years have led me to Reiki 1 and 2 diplomas and Vipassana meditation retreats. I've also been very fortunate to train with Judith Lasater as a restorative yoga teacher and recently attended a 5 day educators retreat with Zen Maser Thich Naht Hahn.

I'm always hungry for new knowledge and experience of yoga, children, psychology, meditation and my discoveries and teachings are constantly evolving. The children themselves are my greatest teachers!

I bring the knowledge of all these wonderful teachers and teachings into my classes for children aged 2 - 18 yrs, with a focus of educating, exercising and empowering the WHOLE child through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. And now my desire is to share these findings with others wanting to practice yoga with children.

As a co-founder of the European children's yoga group - Kid's Yoga Foundation - we have collaborated in creating a 95 hour teacher training that has been accredited through Yoga Alliance. It is currently being taught in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Brussels and Sweden. Our mission is to connect teachers on a forum where they can interact, pool resources and share ideas and information on their discoveries of teaching yoga to children. We also have an active penpal project between the children in our yoga classes, which is now reaching as far as Australia and South Africa.

Life is exciting and filled with new opportunities and adventures. Why not bring your child to a class, introduce yoga to your school or make a beautiful career out of teaching yoga to children.

With love and light,